History Of Capitol City Medical Teams

Our history began in 1999 when Dr. Peter Nathan went to Guayaquil, Ecuador to provide free medical care to children. While there, he noticed that many children suffered from club feet and other problems. Upon his return, he asked Dr. Shaw, an orthopedic surgeon from Salem, Oregon, to return with him to Ecuador. Dr. Shaw agreed to go and medical personnel from the greater Salem area have been going on medical campaigns twice a year ever since. In April, 2006, Capitol City Medical Teams incorporated to better meet the health needs of impoverished people.

Our teams have traveled to Peru, Ecuador, and Nicaragua. Organizations in hosting countries publicize our arrival and make arrangements for us to work in their hospitals and clinics. We’ve performed surgery, provided therapy, bracing and artificial limbs to thousands of people.

In 2007, Capitol City Medical Teams entered into an agreement with the Kausay Wasi Clinic of Coya, Peru to process their United States donations as well as send medical equipment and supplies there. (‘Kausay Wasi’ means House of Health in the native Peruvian language of Quechua.) We provide logistical support to medical teams interested in serving people at this Clinic.

In March, 2008, we opened an artificial limb workshop in Coya, Peru for the amputees in the Greater Cuzco Area. We were greatly helped by Rotary International, and the Creekside Rotary of Salem, Oregon through their generous financial assistance.

In July, 2008 we partnered with Desarrollo Sostenible en Acción (DESEA) of Calca, Peru. This organization’s purpose is to engage in water treatment, water sanitation, and hygiene projects in the regions surrounding the Sacred Valley of the Incas near Cuzco. We will process their United States donations and provide logistical support.

With future donations we will continue supporting medial teams who provide services to those in need and expand our programs to reach even more people.

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