Team Leader: Mark and Jennifer Morris, Guy Farris and Sam Perez

Team Type: Prosthetic Clinic Creation

Campaign Summary: The Pucallpa Prosthetic Clinic is a functioning medical facility serving both those who are able to pay for services and those who cannot.

Friends of Dr. David Shaw — Salem, Oregon
Dr. David Shaw, M.D. — Salem, Oregon
Summit Prosthetics and Orthotics — Salem, Oregon
Bill and Margaret Walsh — Troutdale, Oregon

Team Members:
Guy Farris, Prosthetist and Orthotist
Milton Neyra, Prosthetist
Jennifer and Mark Morris, Project Managers
Sam Perez, Prosthetic and Orthotic Technician

The Pucallpa Prosthetic Clinic was created by a grant from Capitol City Medical Teams to Jennifer and Mark Morris. The grant paid for the rent and remodeling for the Clinic as well as equipment such as grinders, sanders, reciprocating saw, wheelchairs and other supplies. The grant would be paid back by the Clinic providing free or reduced fee services to indigent people.

Although Milton Neyra, a Peruvian trained prosthetist, was determined to be the owner of the Clinic, Jennifer and Mark Morris oversaw the project and accounted for the funds. They supported Milton by helping explain best business practices. They also provided reports and accounting to Capitol City Medical Teams. The newly created Prosthetic Clinic in Pucallpa, Peru has been busy helping people. Below are stories of how the Pucallpa Clinic has transformed four peoples’ lives.

Jenri (age 29) is a college student who lives in Pucallpa with his parents; Jenri and his dad work together on their family farm when Jenri is not in school. Five years ago, Jenri was hit by a motorcycle while he was walking. The doctors could not save Jenri’s left leg, so they amputated it above the knee. The Clinic made a prosthetic leg for Jenri. Now he is able to walk, work, and study with greater ease. Jenri’s parents were able to help with 18% of the cost of the prosthesis. Jenri and his parents are very grateful for Jenri’s prosthetic leg and the improvement to his life.

Ruben (age 60) lives with his wife and children in the district of Manantay near Pucallpa. Three years ago, Ruben stepped on a thumb tack which caused a serious infection that led to the amputation of his foot. The Clinic team adapted a prosthetic foot to Ruben’s leg so he could walk again. Ruben and his family are very appreciative of this donation.

Emilio (age 68) lives in the town of Contamana, which is about a 3-day boat ride from Pucallpa. Two years ago, Emilio got a foot infection which refused to heal, partly because Emilio is diabetic. His foot and lower leg turned black and eventually the leg had to be amputated. The Clinic team made a prosthetic leg for Emilio. Now Emilio can live and work with greater mobility.

Katherine (age 32) is a third-year medical student. In 2010, Katherine’s legs were run over by a truck. The doctors were able to save Katherine’s right leg, but they had to amputate the lower part of her left leg. When Katherine arrived at the Clinic, she was using a heavy, wooden prosthetic leg that was too small for her and made her limp. Milton took a mold of Katherine’s stump, then fabricated a new prosthetic leg for her. Katherine is thrilled to have more mobility for activities at college and home.

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