Team Leader: Dr. Paul Schultz, M.D.

Team Type: Ophthalmology

Campaign Summary: Our team saw and treated 313 patients from all over Peru and Bolivia. Our team performed 33 cataract surgeries, 14 strabismus surgeries, eight pterygia with autografts, three lid surgeries and one nasal lacrimal intubation.

Alcon Foundation — Fort Worth, Texas
Allergan — Cincinnati, Ohio
Cataract and Laser Institute — Medford, Oregon

Team Members:
Janice Boucher, Technician
Char Cooke, Technician
Dorian Fowler, R.N., Nurse Anesthetist
Nina Gillette, R.N., Nurse
Dr. Patrick Gillette, M.D., Internist
Margaret Lamson, Surgical Technician
Haley Maddox, Technician
Dr. Paul Schultz, M.D., Ophthalmologist
Janae Young, Technician

During these past 15 years, we have examined and treated 4,665 patients, performed 495 cataract surgeries, 81 strabismus surgeries, 123 pterygia grafts, and 26 lid or lacrimal surgeries.

Patient A
“A” was a 24 year old airport security guard who came to our attention when his supervisor told us that “A” was his best and smartest worker, but he couldn’t advance him to higher position, because he had a “deformity”. It turns out that his deformity was crossed eyes, 40 diopters esotropic. He is shown pre-operatively and 24 hours after surgery. Crossed eyes carries an overwhelming stigma in Peru. To straighten a persons’ eyes is often to open the doors to an unrestrained future.

Before and After Cataract Surgery
The first picture shows the opaque, white cataract resulting in only light perception vision. The next photo shows the clearing of her visual axis after removal of cataract.

Cross Eyed Girl
The final pair of pictures is the before and after on a young girl with 50-60 diopters of crossing. A complete correction could not be accomplished in one surgery, but we have set the stage to return and improve the result. 

Being involved in these life changing experiences is a rewarding and unforgettable experience!


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