Coya, Peru - November, 2013

Team Type: General Surgery and Gynecology

Campaign Summary: There were 112 general consultations and 31 general surgeries performed. There were also 87 gynecological consultations with 17 gynecological surgeries performed.
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Team Photo and Clinic Staff People Waiting for a Consultation Steve Horan, Judy Hershey, Emma Hershey, Loretta Nelson, Dr. Gene Aron, Lauren Aron, and Libby Mullen Steve Horan, Assistant, at Work Washing Instruments with Heather Horan, RN, Stopping by to ask How Much Longer on the Autoclave! Loretta Nelson Monitoring a Patient After Surgery Giving Anesthesia Judy Hershey NP, Laurie Diamond RN, and Dr. Hershey Dr. Von Gryska Preparing to Perform an Umbilical Hernia Repair on a Child while Drs. Connor and Hershey Provide Anesthesia Dr. Von Gryska Performing a Lap Chole with the Assistance of Nurses Helen O'Dougherty and Ginny Lynch Dr. Gene Aron with the Assistance of Local Clinic Nurse Mery Alvarado Screening a Pre-operative Patient Clare Greene Anes, Technician, with Local Volunteer Starting Inventory for Next Year Ann Mullen RN Monitoring a Post operative Patient The Hand crafted Banner by Ginny Lynch, RN (Far Right) to Hang Proudly when Newton Wellesley Hospital Personnal are at the Clinic

Americares - Stamford, Connecticut
Highland Street Foundation - Newton, Massachusetts

Team Members:
Lauren Aron, Assistant
Dr. Eugene Aron, M.D., Gynecologist
Dr. Kathleen Connor, M.D., Anesthesiologist
Laurie Diamond, Perioperative Nurse
Clare Green, Anesthesia Technician
Dr. P. vonRyll Gryska, M.D., General Surgeon
Emma Hershey, Translator
Judith Hershey, Nurse Practitioner
Dr. Mark Hershey, M.D., M.D. Anesthesiologist
Heather Horan, Operating Room Charge Nurse
Steven Horan, Assistant
Virginia Lynch, Operating Room Nurse
Ann Mullen, Perioperative Nurse
Elizabeth Mullen, Assistant
Loretta Nelson, Perioperative Nurse
Helen O'Dougherty, Operating Room Nurse
Catherine Purcell-Gryska, Translator
Karen Roche, Operating Room Nurse

This was the second team from Newton Wellesley Hospital to work at the Kausay Wasi Clinic under the direction of trip chief Dr. Mark Hershey and hosts Guido and Sandy del Prado. This trip proved to be another successful visit. We continued to bring laparoscopic surgery to the Sacred Valley, including laparoscopic cholecystectomies and laparoscopic tubal ligations. (Laparoscopic surgery allows patients an efficient recovery.) With Dr. Gene Aron joining the team this year, many patients benefited from his expertise in gynecological procedures.

The blend of new team members with our veteran staff was a cohesive team from day one. Their determination and dedication was most evident when (twice!) they continued to work through power outages.

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