Coya, Peru - August, 2012

Team Type: General Surgery

Campaign Summary: There were 78 consultations and 31 surgeries completed.
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Dr. Taggart Team Photo Dr. Taggert During Consultation Dr. Taggart Meeting with Patient Lisa Sue Lewis and Dr. Taggart Operating Lisa Sue Lewis and Dr. Anir Scrubbed In Kirsten Borglum and Patient in Recovery Mother Post Hernia Operation with Son

Ethicon - Somerville, NJ and Cincinnati, Ohio
Map International - Brunswick, Georgia

Team Members:
Kirsten Borglum, Registered Nurse
Marco Castellina, Interpreter
Dr. Mark Hershey M.D., M.D., Anesthesiologist
Lisa Sue Lewis, Registered Nurse
Tara Riojas, Administration
Dr. Tracy Taggart M.D., General Surgeon
Ben Weisberg, Sterile Supply
David Young, Surgical Assistant


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