Coya, Peru - August, 2009

Team Type: Adult Orthopedics

Campaign Summary: 155 patients were seen. Seventeen surgeries were completed.

Coral Gables Christian Church, Coral Gables, Florida
Project Peru, Miami, Florida

Team Members:
Mija Baney, CRLN
Jackie Campo, Nurse
Dr. Miguel Cobas, M.D. Surgeon
Dr. Victoria Cobas, M.D. Surgeon
Sixta Garcia, Assistant
Ernesto Gomez, Nurse
Janet Jacob, Assistant
Ashley Kalbac, Assistant
Dr. Dan Kalbac, M.D. Surgeon
Aileen lvarez Kucyk, Nurse
Carol O'Hara, Nurse
Deanna Riker, Nurse
Amie Roberts, Nurse
Yolanda Roque-Fernandez, Nurse

Our team saw a lot of patients. Of those we saw, we set up a surgery schedule and performed 1 hand, 2 feet, 2 toe, 3 cyst removals, 1 authotomy, 3 excisions, 1 bunionectomy, 1 rail and 1 metal removal, and two minor surgeries.

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